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Walter The Sea Otter Survives Being Shot And Blinded

Walter the sea otter was rescued in the fall, after a shotgun blast that blinded him. He was taken to the Vancouver Aquarium, where as you can see for yourself, he's made quite an impressive recovery.


Walter's story, told here, is as terrifying and heartbreaking as it is inspirational:

Walter spent 11 weeks in the aquarium's marine mammal rescue center before being transferred to a habitat where the public can watch him splashing. A veterinary dentist performed a root canal, saving one of Walter's damaged teeth, and extracted others. "You have to understand, when this guy arrived, it was pretty hard to see him. He was in really, really poor shape — super-skinny, he could hardly move at all," said Martin Haulena, the aquarium's head veterinarian. "I thought there was a good chance he wasn't going to survive the first few days."


While I restrain myself from screaming WHO THE FUCK SHOOTS A SEA OTTER WITH A SHOTGUN, you can go ahead and watch him make himself at home at the zoo. He's basically my hero. My little otter hero, if there is such a thing.

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Otter GIFs, I say!