Walter the Miniature Pinscher Gets a Second Chance at Life

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Meet Walter, a Miniature Pinscher who is getting a second chance at a happy life after spending a year locked in a cage.


Watch the video below to see Walter in action (showing off all his toys) and then when you dry your eyes, check out Dogster for the full story:

Walter is a Miniature Pinscher whose severe deformities are the result of careless inbreeding. He was surrendered by his former owners who gave him up after a year of keeping him in a cage and barely feeding or caring for him. They weren't trying very hard — they weren't trying at all. It's one thing to maybe not train your dog in foundational obedience, but to be too lazy to provide even the most basic care is almost beyond my comprehension.

However, dumping Walter was the best thing his good-for-nothing former owners ever did, because that's when Angels for Animal Rescue took the little dog in. A visit to the vet revealed the worst: His year in a cage exacerbated Walter's congenital birth defects, causing his muscles to atrophy.


Walter still has some trouble walking and running, but he's now in a loving, happy home where he seems to be having a total blast. There are lots more pictures and information about Walter on his Facebook page, if you want to check out how adorable he is.

Image via Facebook.

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Walter is so fucking cute, it's ridiculous.

My wife and I foster, nurse back to health, and adopt to loving homes, dogs like Walter: dogs with a disability, seniors, blind/deaf, sick dogs, etc. that have been dropped off at shelters for whatever reason. Occasionally we adopt them ourselves, because they are just such fucking awesome dogs, and they deserve love and comfort for the rest of their days on earth.

It's sad and it's maddening beyond belief that people can do the things that they do (or not do the things they should do), but there are a lot of people doing a lot of good out there. Kudos big time to Walter's rescuers.