Walmart Generously Concedes to Playing Less Celine Dion in Stores

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Walmart, in the midst of a huge campaign to make itself appear like less of a soul-sucking, worker -abusing corporate behemoth, has raised employee wages and is making some very important changes in its working environment.


Specifically: They are raising store temperatures by 1 degree, and will stop playing Celine Dion and Justin Bieber—an unusual pairing, to be sure—on loop. Via Fortune:

On Wednesday, at a meeting with 3,000 store employees in Fayetteville, AK, top U.S. Walmart execs announced new strategies to make employees happy including new cash incentives and a looser dress code. But one strategy that elicited a particularly loud ovation from the crowd: An end to the constant loop of Celine Dion and Justin Bieber music blasted into stores from headquarters.

Instead, the company is bringing back Radio Walmart after 9 years, meaning an actual DJ will keep things fresh, rather than playing the same handful of CD’s over and over[.]

The campaign to rebrand Walmart doesn’t stop here. At today’s shareholders meeting, ending a three-day event that’s been dubbed “Walmart-Palooza,” the company put on a big ole’ populist show culminating in Reese Witherspoon—yes, that Reese Witherspoon—calling Walmart “a pioneer for women’s rights.” Also, Ricky Martin performed. Okay. Sure.

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“a pioneer for women’s rights.”