Walking For Water

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[Katwijk, March 24. Image via Getty.]

Somalia's Zeynab Mustafa (2nd L) and Anab Mohamud (2nd R) of the elementary school De Krulder in Katwijk, The Netherlands, fill their backpacks with bottles of water on March 24, 2010. Almost 400 pupils participated in the action 'Walking for Water' in the week of 'World Water Day'. They walked 6 kilometres with 6 litres of water over the beach of Katwijk. AFP PHOTO / ANP - MARCEL ANTONISSE netherlands out - belgium out (Photo credit should read MARCEL ANTONISSE/AFP/Getty Images)


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They have people! In their backpacks! To hold the water for them! It's like a portable Fonzworth Bentley!

That's more then likely not true but it really does look like the girl in the purple shirt is in her backpack rather then behind it.

So do they get water from the beach, bring it back and sanitize it and drink it?

This makes me feel so bad that I have two crates of bottled water just SITTING in my kitchen.