The morning after pill is over the counter for anyone over 17 — regardless of gender. Unless, of course, you live in Texas or Mississippi, where pharmacists are refusing to dispense it to men.

Earlier this year, the ACLU was alerted to the fact that Walgreens pharmacists in Texas and Mississippi were refusing to sell emergency contraception to men. The company said it sent a bulletin to all its pharmacists clarifying the law.

But then, more recently, Adam Drake was turned away at a Houston store by a pharmacist whose manager backed her up. The manager claimed, erroneously, that the woman who was going to take the emergency contraception had to present in order to ensure she was over 17. (Clearly, this points to the contorted compromise of current FDA policy: Yes, a man over 17 could buy it and give it to a woman under 17 without a prescription. So could a woman over 17. There's still no medical reason for the age-17 cut-off.)

From the ACLU of Texas's letter to Walgreens:


Maybe rogue men have been dropping birth control into women's drinks. More likely, these people have no fucking clue what they're talking about, which is the truly scary thing.

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