Waitress Sues After Learning Boob Jobs Don't Count Towards Sick Days

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A Swedish waitress is suing her cruise-line employer after he docked her pay for time she took off work to recover from breast implant surgery. He claims boob jobs count as "self injury" and thus are not his responsibility.


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I'm going to say this again: I'm swedish and "self-injury" is a bad translation. This is an old story, and has been resolved, she had to give the money back.

The thing about this story, is that if you're sick, your employers pays you a reduced salary during the time you're away. Nothing the first day of your sick leave, then I think 80% of your salary for the next 14 days, then the social insurance takes over after the 15th (work)day. Her bosses found out she had called in sick and said she should have used her vacation days instead. Perfectly fair, I, and almost everyone else thinks. Instead, this woman made a huge deal out of this and went to the Daily Mail-type tabloids. Huge sigh. There are always those who go to the tabloids when they don't get what they want, annoying.

She would have been compensated and could have used sick days if it had been a medically neccessary procedure, covered by our general health insurance. Elective boob jobs are not. It does not have to be an emergency, our health insurance covers reconstructive surgery after accidents, illnesses or congenital defects, it covers tubal ligations, abortions (take that american conservatives!), breast reductions, correcting if your boobs have very different sizes and whatever else you can think of that is not a matter of IMMEDIATE life or death but will make the person's life better in the long run. That's how it's decided, the doctor and sometimes a shrink makes an assessment to see if the patients life before the procedure is impairing so much the patient can't have normal life (and work and pay taxes, which is what it all boils down to) and would the procedure fix that? So maybe, if she had been flat as a board and had huge psychological problems because of it to the point where she was completely handicapped, a shrink would have recomended a boob job and she would have been compensated. But since she worked at a cruise line before this happened, I doubt it. My sister got knee surgery, rather than walking around with a limp and not being able to climb stairs freely, my mom got painful vericose veins removed, a friend had a hallux valgus corrected, etc etc. All of it covered by general health insurance because the procedures improved their quality of life. I think this is what the woman claimed, but there are limits.