Waitress-Groping Finance Bro Doesn't Think Grabbing Ass Is a Big Deal

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Yesterday, Kitchenette reported on a glorious Facebook rant by Laura Ramadei, an NYC-based server and bartender who claims she was groped by a customer/hedge-funder named Brian Lederman. Lederman has since responded, saying he never touched Ramadei inappropriately, but — he brags — he has grabbed plenty of other women. Not the best defense, bro.


In an open letter, Ramadei says that Lederman, when she approached to ask whether he and his dining companion would need anything else for the evening, placed his "hand — ever so gently — ON MY ASS and asked if you could take me 'to go.'"


With Ramadei's missive having gone viral, the New York Post tracked down Lederman for comment. That's when he dropped this little gem:

"I've grabbed plenty of girls' asses in my life," Brian H. Lederman boasted to The Post. "But I've never grabbed hers."


Lederman did admit that he made a very funny joke to Ramadei, saying, "I clearly remember making a joke when the girl said, 'What would you like.' I kiddingly said, 'I would like you to go with nothing on it.' "


To further his defense, he then told The Post that Ramadei was a cunt and promised that she'd never work in this town again.

Chill out, Bri. No amount of acting like a rich, entitled dickhead can guarantee that Leonardo DiCaprio plays you in a movie.


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