WAGS Miami Is Back for a Second Season, But Who's to Say What's Going On

When we last left the women of WAGS Miami... well, I actually have no memory what they were doing specifically, but it was definitely 1) Wearing small bathing suits 2) Fighting about who has the more famous boyfriend or husband.


Gone is Vanessa Cole, who grappled with allegations that her boyfriend had cheated on her last season. (You can read Kara Brown’s exhaustive breakdown of the rest of the cast here.) In her place come Kayla Cox and Faven Liuget.

Cox is a model and the wife of former MLB player Eric Fornataros, who then played in the minor league and is now part of the ALPB.


As for Liuget, she recently married Corey Liuget, a defensive end for the Los Angeles Chargers who had a difficult last season. She also appears to have some sort of clothing company.

Anyway, the trailer for this season shows much of the same themes as the original WAGS and last season of its spinoff, with concerns about partners cheating, fallout from broken relationships, and of course, arguments over who is on top: “It’s like the two married WAGS were trying to battle each other for Queen Bee.” At least it seems like a safe bet to say that’s what happens? The whole thing is so spastically edited together its hard to say. Regardless, the show premieres August 20 at 10 ET.

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I watch WAGS and yet couldn’t tell you a single plotline or name of anyone on it. The second I finish watching, it’s out of my head.