WAGS Is Taking Its Insane Pecking Order to Miami

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It looks like E! is aiming to give their new hit WAGS the Real Housewives treatment by expanding the series with a spin-off in Miami. Few things have ever made more sense.


Considering that half of the women on the WAGS are dating men who play for teams in Florida, this feels like a natural next step. Via Variety:

The WAGS of Miami live life unapologetically, and are bound together by a strict hierarchy of unspoken rules with no boundaries, no filters and the veritable candy shop of Miami as their playground. These ambitious, strong women are spicing things up and bringing the heat as they work to make their own dreams a reality, while playing the most competitive game of all: getting and keeping that pro-athlete man.

Even as someone who will watch almost any reality television show involving a group of women sitting around and talking about stuff, I was bit hesitant to get on the WAGS train when the show first premiered last fall. Luckily, my good friend and colleague Kate Dries pushed me to watch. I’m so very thankful for that.

While WAGS is basically Basketball Wives for other sports, what keeps the show interesting is this ridiculous obsession with a pecking order among the women, wherein wives are considered more respectable than fiancées or girlfriends. It is also a close look at how these women work hard to maintain their relationships with professional athletes (and the perks that come with those relationships) that is somehow simultaneously vapid and interesting.

I have no doubt that WAGS: Miami will deliver and I’m really hoping to maybe recognize a few of the guys this time around. It’ll certainly help that Miami is a ridiculous place.

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Rule-Breaking Moth

I can breakdown it down for you quick:

Being a wife means that you’ve been chosen. If you’re married, you were chosen. If you’re widowed, you were chosen. If you get divorced at least you were chosen. If you’ve been legally separated for 20 years it’s alright because you were chosen.

Fiancees lose their importance the longer they’ve been engaged. If you can’t get him down the aisle within a year of getting the ring or if you set a date and you don’t make that date then you’re a joke.

Girlfriends are not so secretly considered barely above side-hos until a ring is on their finger.

This hierarchy brought to you by women whose only value is determined by a man willing to wife them up.

Source: Over 20 years of witnessing this shit in person.