W Magazine Thinks Lindsay Lohan Is Back, But I Still Have Questions

Image via Brigitte Lacombe for W Magazine
Image via Brigitte Lacombe for W Magazine

Thanks to a new profile published this week, W magazine has joined the ever-growing chorus of voices shouting the news that early-2000s icon Lindsay Lohan is back. But, much like her recent mentions in the tabloids and exclusive (if unenlightening) interview with Wendy Williams, the W piece doesn’t do the best job of convincing its audience.

While Lindsay looks and sounds better here than she has in some time (there’s authenticity to her smile and something that could almost be described as a glow), the profile avoids most questions regarding where she’s been for the past few years.

Her “vaguely European accent” is strangely referred to as “rumored,” not something she’s actually been using in social media videos since moving to Dubai. And while we’re on the subject of Dubai, why didn’t W (or Wendy, for that matter) try to get to the bottom of what she’s been doing there? They write that Lohan “has a close circle of female friends” in the city, and a handful of businesses in development, but what about her day-to-day lifestyle? What the hell brought her there in the first place?!


Next, they move on to her acting career:

Like with her many projects in the works, Lohan seems to take matters into her own hands when it comes to finding roles. Currently, the only thing on her Twitter is a superimposed photo of herself and Batgirl, a sort of one-woman campaign to get her cast in Joss Whedon’s upcoming cinematic adaptation. “I even considered flying to Los Angeles the other day just to stalk them for Batgirl,” she said. “It’s true. I thought, How do I get to Los Angeles without anyone knowing that I’m there?”

The piece does not to expand on how Lohan “takes matters into her own hands” (nor does it question her nuked Twitter feed), and instead moves on to the famous women she keeps in touch with, like Jamie Lee Curtis. There’s no mention of her defense of Harvey Weinstein (weird that any actor avoids those questions these days) or her frequently bizarre (and occasionally alarming) Instagram stories—there’s just a video of her quoting Mean Girls.

Perhaps I’m being too demanding. Maybe Lohan deserves a fresh start after all these years! I suppose everyone does. But each time Lohan “comes back,” we’re left with more questions than answers. And I’m starting to think that mayyyyyybe I don’t care about either.



Here’s a quote from the latest issue of O in which Reese Witherspoon discussing an ex of hers who may or may not be Ryan Philippe:

“What’s the most difficult decision you’ve had to make to fulfill your destiny?” Winfrey asks.

“For me, probably leaving an abusive relationship,” Witherspoon replies, adding that she endured both “psychological” and “verbal” abuse. “I drew a line in the sand, and it got crossed, and my brain just switched. I couldn’t go any further. I was really young, and it was profound.”

Without delving into the specific details, Witherspoon explains, “It changed who I was on a cellular level, the fact that I stood up for myself. It’s part of the reason I can stand up and say, ‘Yes, I’m ambitious.’ Because someone tried to take that from me.”



Thank god.

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JujyMonkey: unstable genius

And while we’re on the subject of Dubai, why didn’t W (or Wendy, for that matter) try to get to the bottom of what she’s been doing there?

I think there are pretty consistent rumours of what she’s been doing there.