Voodoo Doughnut Won't Have Eating Contests for Awhile After Man Chokes to Death During One

Image via the AP.
Image via the AP.

Oregon staple Voodoo Doughnut has suspended its eating contests after a man died while attempting to eat a half-pound donut at their Denver location early Sunday morning.


Witnesses say that Travis Malouff, 42, was attempting the doughnut challenge when he began to choke. By the time authorities arrived around 1:15 a.m., Malouff had died of asphyxia, according to the Denver Office of the Medical Examiner.

According to Eater Denver, the eating contest, which began in 2012, challenges “guests to down a half a pound doughnut in less than 80 seconds in exchange for bragging rights, a free meal, and other swag.”

The rules are as follows:

–You only get 80 seconds to eat a big doughnut equivalent to 1/2 dozen doughnuts.

– The doughnut weighs around .5 pounds and has a 7″ diameter and 1.625″ thickness.

– You are allowed to drink liquids with the challenge and/or dunk the doughnut.

– Time begins as soon as you touch the doughnut. You can’t separate it beforehand.

Here is a video, also via Eater, of someone attempting the challenge in 2012:

Voodoo Doughnut has indefinitely suspended eating contests at all of its locations.


On Tuesday, the company stated, “Our hearts go out to the Malouff family during this very difficult time. We have suspended the eating challenge in all our locations. While this matter is under investigation, we believe it would be inappropriate to comment further.”

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this is not a banner week for competitive eating...

two so very avoidable losses of life - eat when you have to, not just because you can, america.