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Vogue's Best-Dressed List Skews Young, White, And Actress-y

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Vogue released its annual best-dressed list of best-dressed ladies. The top spot went to Emma Stone, followed by Rooney Mara, Leelee Sobieski, Zoë Saldana, Lauren Santo Domingo, Solange Knowles, Kristen Stewart, Lily Kwong, Kimberly Chandler, and Dree Hemingway. Fashionista points out that the list skews fairly white and overwhelmingly young (eight of the ten are in their 20s, and the oldest, Lauren Santo Domingo, is just 36). People whom the magazine arguably overlooked? Fashionista argues Michelle Obama, Beyoncé, Marion Cotillard, Jenna Lyons, and Alexa Chung. We would add Lauren Hutton, Diane von Furstenberg, Octavia Spencer, Kiernan Shipka, and Elle Fanning. [Fashionista]


Here is the Barneys New York holiday ad that features that controversial dream sequence in which Minnie Mouse morphs into a skinny, six-foot-tall model. [YouTube]


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Today in inexplicable brand collaborations, Karl Lagerfeld has shot 14 "bespoke" photos of Rolls Royce cars. [WWD]

In this video, Chanel diligently traces the history of Marilyn Monroe giving the same answer — "Chanel No. 5" — to the same question — "What do you wear to bed?" — over and over again to various journalists over the course of her career. [YouTube]


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Rob Kardashian's insane sock collection (each pair of which costs $30) includes a style named the "Pendleton." Only it's not so much made by the Pendleton company as it is a (poor) knock-off of a Pendleton print. Whoops. [Fashionista]

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Lara Stone is pregnant. The supermodel's husband broke the news publicly on Twitter. [@DavidWalliams]

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Garance Doré, Alexandra Richards, Anh Duong, and Alex Provan are among the faces of Bottega Veneta's new jewelry ads. [The Cut]

  • In yet more reason to avoid the mall over Thanksgiving, Rihanna's latest perfume, Nude, will launch at Macy's on Black Friday. Weirdly, Macy's deemed the ads for nude "too hot" for stores, and had an alternative created. [WWD]

    Maison Martin Margiela's collection for H&M is not selling very well on eBay. Many pieces are currently available with opening bids well below H&M's MSRPs. [Racked]

    Those people who were in that Gap ad, Karmin, are now in holiday ads for Coach. [WWD]

    Margherita Missoni says that the brand is looking to launch a lower-priced line. While it won't be as inexpensive as the company's Target collaboration, she did say that the experience served to demonstrate the strength of customer demand for lower-priced MIssoni goods. [WSJ]

    Kate Moss's London book party included a bunch of famous people and a secret smoking area. Obviously. [WWD]

    Kate Lanphear is leaving Elle. The stylist's next port of call is not yet publicly known. [Fashionista]

    Tory Burch gave a public talk with Alina Cho of CNN at the Met where she announced plans to start a sport line and to open 35 additional stores next year. Burch also said an I.P.O. is not in the offing, because of the regulatory disclosure requirements and the loss of privacy that being the C.E.O. of a publicly traded company would entail. Of her looming legal battle with ex-husband and former business partner Chris Burch, the designer said:

    "My priority is with my business and my children. I have six children with Chris that he and I care about and that's what I think about. But also [there is] my team that I look at and I think this is extraordinary what we have built together."


    Somerset House in London is holding a retrospective of Valentino's work featuring over 130 different garments. [Fashionista]

    Petra Nemcova and the educational charity she founded, the Happy Hearts Foundation, is teaming up with Clinique to raise money to build schools in areas devastated by natural disasters. Clinique is promising to make a $10 donation to the foundation for every bottle sold of its new Clinique Happy Heart perfume and $5 from every sale of a limited-edition t-shirt. Nemcova will make in-store appearances to encourage sales. [WWD]

    Raf Simons is profiled in this month's Vogue. It is the designer's first major profile since he became the creative director of Christian Dior. The magazine delicately calls John Galliano's firing for haranguing a couple in a café with an anti-Semitic and racist diatribe a "seismic" event in the history of the house. Simons' parents came to congratulate him after his first ready-to-wear show for Dior.

    "I am superproud of my parents — my mother was a cleaning lady, and my father was a night watchman in the army," says Simons. "And now I stand in this world, and yeah, it's a bourgeois environment, in a house that's seen in France as the most important position in fashion, along with Chanel. But I don't care about that. What I find amazing is that it's a beautiful house where I can make clothes to make women happy. I was raised in a very happy nest by very happy people, and I like to think that those are enough ingredients to make me succeed at Dior."


    Apax Partners, the private-equity firm, is acquiring Cole Haan from Nike for $570 million. [WWD]

  • During the quarter just ended, revenue at Gap Inc. rose year-on-year by 60%, to $308 million. Net sales rose 8%, to $3.86 billion, and same-store sales were up by 6%. Could the troubled retailer have finally begun to turn things around? [WWD]

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So not only does Tinkerbell turn them into tall and skinny models (she would, cuz' she's shallow), she puts Daisy and Minnie's heads on white-people bodies? Awwwkkkwaarrd.

Also, where the Fuck is Fan Bingbing?!