Vogue Espana Cover Features a Black Model Wearing Cornrows

In terms of reflecting the real world, international versions of Vogue continue to be way better at diversity than American Vogue. Here’s model Aya Jones wearing cornrows on the March cover of Vogue Espana.

The cover image looks just as classic as any Vogue cover—a shot of Jones (who’s Ivorian-British) in the middle of nowhere staring fiercely. But the biggest word on the cover is “Africa” and the cover line “Black Is Beautiful.” Would American Vogue ever?

This, as the fashion world has been ludicrously crediting the Kardashian-Jenners for popularizing cornrows (or as they’re calling it, “boxer braids”; or as Kim’s trying to call it, the KKW Signature Braid).

For its part, Vogue has been trying but still largely failing at being progressive, but this cover is worthy of recognition partly because Vogue is so lily white most of the time. Hype Hair also notes:

It really shouldn’t still be news that a black model is rocking her natural hair on a cover, but when our beauty continues to be celebrated as “trendy” or “edgy” while erasing our presence, we take notice.


Adding to the beauty of the shot is the fact that the mag’s stylist Karim Belghiran had the good sense to get local women of Botswana to help cornrow Jones’ hair.


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Image via Vogue

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