That time Karlie Kloss and the members of Daft Punk were spotted on the streets of Manhattan wasn't for a Saint Laurent campaign — it was a Vogue shoot, and the results are in the magazine's new issue. It's one of those annoying "clothing for every age" editorials where they style a 20-year-old model in a long dress and slap a "60-something" caption on it. Groundbreaking. [FRV]


Christian Dior released a teaser from Robert Pattinson's ads. And...this is it. Just a blurry black-and-white photograph of something unseen and shadowy in the foreground, Mr. Sparklevamp, and a pair of female bare feet. How exciting. [The Cut]


Georgia May Jagger is (still) (and now with Jon Kortajarena) the face of Hudson jeans. [WWD]


• Unions and labor-rights groups say they're concerned that the government of Bangladesh and the Western brands that manufacture apparel there are not moving quickly enough to address safety concerns. [WWD]

• A little-known, decade-old U.K. label called La Petite Salope has renamed itself "La Petite S____" because apparently having a name that means "little slut" in French isn't the best for your Google Image Search results. Or, you know, for appealing to the large group of potential buyers who actually speak French, which is actually a not-uncommon world language spoken by millions of people who live mere miles away from Britain. [Telegraph]


• Jay-Z has been wearing the same white, short-sleeved button-up shirt for a while. It's by Theory, and it is called — amazingly — the Feynold S. Wealth. [The Cut]

• Justin Timberlake still has a stake in William Rast, the clothing line he founded in 2005 with Trace Ayala. Hudson's Bay is going to start carrying the full line this fall. [WWD]

Vogue thinks you can't smile while wearing these Karen Walker sunglasses. Is that a dare? []


• Adriana Lima has switched agencies in New York. The New York modeling world is going through a little shake-up right now — Chris Gay, a longtime booker at Marilyn, left for the new Elite Europe partner agency, Society Management (which is, again, not to be confused with Elite New York). Lima followed Gay. Also leaving Marilyn for Society is Lindsey Wixson. [P6]

• Today in That's When I Hit Close Tab ( the Awl): "Looking at the discreet, sober, even chaste outfits put forward by the new designers, you have to ask this question: Has the humility and abstention demonstrated by Francis since he became pope in March influenced the fashion message coming out of Italy?" [IHT]

• Inside the horrifically expensive camp for teen girls who want to try their hand at modeling, The Cut's Kat Stoeffel finds...teenage outcasts:

The cliché of the young girl bullied for being a dateless, gawky string bean is a standard model-origin myth by now. But girls at Modeling Camp described feeling ostracized for a different reason — wanting to be models. Fifteen-year-old Taylor’s classmates in the Detroit suburbs give her a hard time for the DIY photo shoots she posts on social media. “They think it’s stupid,” she said. A’Nasia, 14, from Atlanta, nodded in agreement. “I don’t get talked about, but I don’t think it’s fair,” she said. “It’s nice to be with girls you have something in common with.” Just like space camp.


[The Cut]

• Behati Prinsloo and that guy from that band or whatever just got engaged. [People]

• H&M confirmed via Twitter that its long-planned U.S. e-commerce launch will take place sometime in August. [Glam]


• And now, a moment with Carla Bruni-Sarkozy. Carla, how do you look so chic all the time?

“I love the suit,” she said, singling out Yves Saint Laurent’s Le Smoking tuxedo suit. “I think it’s such a brilliant idea to make a suit to go out for a woman. When you wear just a black suit, and a nice pair of earrings, it’s also a great economy of time.”