Vogue Australia's First-Ever Plus-Size Fashion Spread

And it stars Australian native and rising star of the modeling world Robyn Lawley.


You may remember 21-year-old Lawley from that cover of French Elle, that cover of Vogue Italia, that editorial she shot for Vogue Italia, the naked portrait of her that accompanied Glamour's "97% of Women Will Be Cruel To Their Bodies Today" article. And that's all from just the last six months. Um, speaking of Lawley in the nude, there's also this.

According to her agency, Lawley, who reportedly stands over 6' tall, wears about a U.S. size 12. ("Plus size" in the modeling industry isn't synonymous with "plus size" as it pertains to retail; although there are plus-size models who wear plus sizes, there are also some who don't.) Vogue Australia's editor-in-chief, Kirstie Clements, says she didn't book a plus-size model for the first time in her magazine's 52-year history "to make a statement" (yeah, right). Clements also says of Lawley, "She doesn't actually look plus size to me at all now." I love seeing plus-size models of all sizes getting more work, especially the editorial work that traditionally leads to high-profile ad campaigns and beauty contracts; I don't love that every time a plus-size model is booked, someone has to point out that she's not actually that big, as if that's a compliment.


Lawley posted a candid backstage shot on her Facebook in June. I'm personally on the fence about the vintage-inspired styling and makeup — although it's very beautiful, I also feel like it's a bit of a clichéd way to style a larger model. But it's nice to see fashion spreads like this slowly becoming more normal. Let's hope it won't be 52 years before Australian Vogue books another plus-size model.

Robyn Lawley Is The Now Shape [Vogue Australia]

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