Vivica A. Fox Says Gay Men Can Come to Her Male Strip Club, If They Must

Vivica A. Fox has a dream, and that’s for women to frequent the male strip club featured in her new reality show, Vivica’s Black Magic. But all anyone ever wants to talk about is the gay men who will doubtlessly show up in droves.


“Hell no. Back all that up,” Fox told 105.1's Charlamagne Tha God during an episode of the The Breakfast Club, after the host pressed her about the sex of the club’s clientele. “Money is money,” he said, but Fox was not having it.

“Not that kind of money,”she shot back.

She’s since clarified her comments, tweeting that everyone—regardless of genital arrangement—is welcome, but that the real raison d’être for the gyrating male bodies is to give women the “#UltimateGurlsNiteOut.”

You know what they say: You can lead women to a strip club, but it’s probably not going to end well if you’re going to be exclusionary. Trust me, that’s totally a saying, I hear it all the time.


Based on footwear alone, I’m curious what Blac Chyna and Amber Rose are up to on this sunny California day. Brisk jog? Grocery shopping? Griffith Observatory? Aqua Zumba? Petting zoo? Rodeo? Flea market? Hardware store? Bank robbing? Colonics? Hang gliding? Base jumping? Moon landing? Six Flags? Pedicure? Mushrooms? Volunteering? Could be anything!


Come to think of it though, Chyna probably does work out wearing heels.

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This topic. I feel desperate. None of my friends are around. I need like, a touch of female support. I just had a weird experience with a guy. I’m young. almost 22. I’ve only had a few sexual encounters. A little of that’s nerves, but a lot of it is not finding guys I click with in/adjacent to my social sphere.

Either way. I let myself be charmed by an older guy. I was feeling down on my self and allowed him the flirtation. (smart, witty, we got along etc yada yada.) I don’t take risks, and I’m a pretty mild meek person sometimes. I decided to start a little thing with him. I could feel it getting weird slowly, and our politics misaligned no duh. He became mansplainy and awful, condescending, and I’m pretty sure he got off on my rebellious liberal retorts. Not listened to/absorbed, but fetishized basically. Once again- this was madly out of character for me. I’m not in a good space mentally overall, and my depression makes me do weird things. I just took a leap, because...I just did. The problem is he’s smart, and knew what I wanted to hear. He displayed his views inconsistently and it crossed my wires severely.

I won’t get into the sexual stuff. He wasn’t overly aggressive, just weird and not what I’m used to. He left me feeling uncomfortable. I’m not experienced (once again, he got off on that too :/) and I don’t have a ton of other positive experiences with guys to balance. So it’s left an impression. I feel a little like a sell out, but also deeply objectified and base-line gross. I don’t consider my self a naive person- but somehow my mental health, lack of self worth, and determination to ‘take a risk’ caused me to waver just enough to let myself be led into this dynamic. I don’t like any guy (or girl) thinking I fancy male attention more than my own self respect.

I just needed to vent I suppose. Carry on Jezebelites.