Viral Lizard That Fell From High Salad Reportedly Fine

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Internet browsers the world over will likely be familiar with the video of that lizard falling from a marble countertop as it struggles to eat a salad.

You shall be happy to know that said lizard, a green iguana named Iggy, survived the fall and will live to become a brief viral celebrity, perhaps even make some year-end lists, which, given our tiny attention spans and the sheer amount of shit we can bear, tend to be summations of what happened in November and December.


New York Magazine’s Intelligencer caught up with Iggy’s owner and dinner date, 19-year-old Connor Hallmark, on Wednesday (the video was posted on Tuesday). Here’s a bit of what we learn.

Does [Iggy] often eat at the counter with you?

Most of the time! He might slip onto the chair then climb back up.

Let’s talk a little about the video specifically. Did you set up the dinner scene intending to film it?

I did not at all, it just happened to be perfect timing.


Does he fall often? Is this normal? I was so worried.

I checked him and he’s fine, as I knew he would be. He’s very durable; he jumps off of stuff all the time.

Do you think Iggy knows he’s a viral star?

Nope! He wouldn’t care if he did.

It is possible we have now exhausted the subject of Connor’s lizard Iggy. It is also possible that Iggy will get a six-figure book deal with Simon & Schuster. I really wish I had the answers.

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Psssh, everyone knows that video wasn’t as innocent as CONNER is making it out to be.