Videos You Need: Beauty and the Beast, Remade With Kittens

Given the disproportionate fondness among bookish girls for a) cats and b) Disney's Beauty and the Beast, this kitten remake is particularly appropriate. Delightful features include the visibly bored cat recruited to play the Beast and the 8-year-old narrator, who simply breezes past lyrics that she does not know and tends to shriek.

However, I must deduct points for the fact that Cogsworth the clock is not portrayed by a roly-poly tabby. Missed opportunity.


This remake is yet another work by the indefatigable Pet Collective, who previously remadeThe Little Mermaid and many, many, many more. Given the rate at which they're churning these productions out, I like to assume there's some sort of feline studio system at work, plucking talent from drugstores and shelters across America.

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