Video of Rihanna Being Swarmed and Mobbed by French Fans Is Terrifying

The narrative: Rihanna's car approaches her hotel. A few fans get close, peering inside. Peering turns into pounding on the windows. A few fans turn into a crowd. A crowd turns into a screaming throng, crushing and pushing as she emerges from the vehicle. Warning: This will make you feel anxious.

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beck poppins

I do not understand this behavior on any level, and I am saying this as a fan. I am one of those dopes who has waited in lines at cons, waited at stage doors (in small groups), and I understand the kind of fan who waits hours to stand behind a fence at a red carpet or the like. But what does this get you as a fan? your behavior is obviously bad and upsetting. You have to know that not only are you not going to get a photo/moment/autograph whatever it is you are looking for but also that you must be upsetting and terrifying to crowd a car like a bunch of zombies in a horror film. You have to know that when it takes 6 giant dudes to get the object of your affection through the crowd of you jerks that you are obviously doing a bad job of whatever it is you are trying to do. Is it really all that bad behavior just for a blurry cellphone shot of the back of RiRi's head? and the screaming after she's in the hotel? yikes. It sounds more like the peasant mass with their pitchforks calling for the queen's head and less like an act of fan love. I don't get it.