Donald Glover Buying All the Cookies a Girl Scout Has Is the Feel-Good Clip of the Day

Donald Glover stopped in on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Wednesday night to delight us all, but especially to delight this Girl Scout who used his song “Redbone” to sell Tagalongs.

Miss Charity Joy Harrison, who is herself from Atlanta, went viral for making a promotional vid for Girl Scout cookies to the tune of Glover’s song, and yes, it is insanely cute. She doesn’t make an appearance until close to the end of the segment (around 7:40). When Charity Joy does finally show up, Glover offers to fill her cookie buying quota himself, and buys 113 boxes. Look, it’s corny, but it’s also perfect. It’s Girl Scout cookie season—go out there and get some Thin Mints in homage to Glover or the Atlanta star of your choice.

But you should also watch Glover be his most charming self in the interview leading up to it. In it, Glover says no one wants a show about someone “making it,” as an explanation for why he doesn’t play a rapper on his own show. That seems like a jab at almost every network show ever?

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Tagalongs or GTFO.