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Sex. Celebrity. Politics. With Teeth

Video Of Demi Lovato's Drug Binge Is Up For Sale

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
  • While a then 17-year-old Demi Lovato was allegedly snorting cocaine "like a pro," the host of the party was filming her. Now he's shopping a video in which she screams while high, "Fuck all of you, I'm famous..."
  • "I don't care what any of you think of me the whole world loves me." Another friend who's claims she's seen the multiple videos says, "Demi was belligerent, being slutty and doing coke all over the house... He shot her in the bathroom as she was finishing a line (of cocaine)." [Radar]
  • Demi Lovato's TV show Sonny With A Chance is "in jeopardy." It was supposed to start filming again in January, but a Disney rep says, "The health and well-being of Demi comes first and if we have to make other plans, we will." [TMZ]
  • In court today, Mel Gibson was ordered to pay Oksana Grigorieva $60,000 in back child support. [Radar]
  • Isaiah Washington, who as you'll recall was fired from Grey's Anatomy for using a gay slur, says he'd be happy to work with Mel Gibson because he's "a talented, man! Come on, he came up with Apocalypto, man! I want to work with this guy. I've worked with Steven Seagal. He's out of his mind. I mean, I've worked with Spike Lee for four films. I've worked with some people that you can say are right there teetering between genius and madness. So I don't look at their personal stuff." However, he added that he wouldn't work with Charlie Sheen because, "I'm not a fan of that behavior." [E!]
  • Brittany Murphy's mom is writing a tell-all book about her daughter, or as she puts it, "This book will be my way of celebrating and honoring her extraordinary life and career." [E!]
  • Though Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen still see each other sometimes, friends say reports that they're back together are untrue. "Let me just put it this way: In a time when Jake Gyllenhaal is going on ice cream dates, yeah, Rachel and Hayden are back on, and they'll get married, too!" says a source. [E!]
  • Can you picture Justin Timberlake, Jesse Eisenberg, or Andrew Garfield as Lindsay Lohan's abusive husband in Inferno? [E!]
  • Lindsay wants a "work pass" so she can leave rehab during the day to do Inferno. [Radar]
  • Hugh Hefner has tucked 10 "Golden Tickets" to his Midsummer Night's Dream Party in the latest issue of Playboy. Instead of a tour of Willy Wonka's factory, the winners will just get herpes. [Reuters]
  • On his radio show, Ryan Seacrest suggested that Portia DeGeneres may join DWTS as half of the U.S. version's first same-sex couple and she didn't exactly deny it. [E!]
  • Charlie Sheen says of his hotel room freakout, "If a guy has one bad night everybody goes insane and panics... I'm not panicking." [Star]
  • Gloria Allred responded in an open letter to Charlie saying, "You may have a smirk on your face now, but I doubt that you would think that it was funny if your daughters were the victims of criminal acts." [Radar]
  • Gerard Butler and his business partner are being sued by a company called "Evil Twin Prods" because they named their production company "Evil Twin." [Hollywood Reporter]
  • Darren Criss, who plays Kurt's adorable possible-boyfriend Blaine on Glee, is in talks to become a series regular. [Deadline]
  • Glee's Dot-Marie Jones says of her character Coach Beiste's looks being mocked by the kids, "You know what? I think that's hilarious. It serves a purpose for the message. I wasn't offended at all. I thought it was hysterical. Maybe it will make people think outside of the show." [CNN]