Video: Mad Men Ladies Want More Drinking And Smoking [Updated]

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To tantalize us for Mad Men's July 25 premiere, gave us an exclusive clip in which Christina Hendricks and Elisabeth Moss get goofy while discussing '60s men and fashions, and January Jones is, well, more reserved and Betty-like.

Hendricks and Moss have a great dynamic, and we're really hoping that they'll be sharing more scenes in season four. The newly-married actresses response to the question, "What qualities from the Mad Men era do men today lack?" is fantastic: "I wish my husband would cheat on me more! It's just a drag," says Hendricks. Moss adds, "How can we get them to smoke and drink more? That's the problem — More bad behavior!"


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One female character I would love to see return is Rachel Menken. I loved her, and not just b/c her and Don were clearly meant for one another, but because she presented another interesting example of a early 60s careerwoman (I guess Bobbie Barrett did, too...but she was no Rachel).

I love Joan and Peggy and am looking forward to more of them this season. (And I just wish Elisabeth Moss wasn't a $cientolgist. Sigh. Kind of breaks my heart.)