Video: Justin Bieber Raps, Calls Himself "Shawty Mane"

Illustration for article titled Video: Justin Bieber Raps, Calls Himself Shawty Mane

Last night Bieber's "alter ego" Shawty Mane Tweeted, "speaking in tongues freestyle..who knew I could rap lol." And then there's the video of said rhyming Cover your ears, kids!

Confused? Let Shawty break it down: "You guys might know me as the guy who sings ‘Baby.' I'm a pop singer, I'm white... I just wanted to do this to prove that I got skills on the rap game." Oh, and just to clarify, he notes, "Yaba dibba dabba da da la la, I'm killing this caca."

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Erin Gloria Ryan

I don't know what you heard about me

But you can't get a bedtime outta me

No veggie eating or sitting still you can see

Because I'm a motherfucking C-H-I-L-D