Video Evidence That Keanu Reeves Is Truly A Gentleman

Some New Yorker with a camera happened to be riding on the exact same train as none other than Keanu Reeves and, acting on an impulse that most of us try to ignore, filmed the entire train ride with his phone. The clip above is really nothing more than paparazzi b-roll until you hit the :25 mark, where Reeves asks a woman who just boarded the subway if she'd like his seat. Chivalry ain't dead, folks!


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Wow. A friend of mine who lived in Westchester but worked in NYC broke her foot, and even with cast and crutches, would have to ask guys on Metro-North EVERY DAY to let her sit down. Come to think of it, in my 7 years of Metro-North and MTA, I don't think I ever saw a guy give a non-pregnant woman a seat.

I've always liked Keanu but was kind of embarrassed about it. Now I'm not embarrassed.