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Video: Dog Is A Perfectly Trained Ringbearer

This dog puts to shame all those human ring bearers who need their mom to escort them down the aisle. Not even Jinxie stands a chance.


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My sister-in-law is a zookeeper, and she's getting married at the zoo where she works. The owl is going to be the ringbearer. I am thrilled...there is no way I lose out on this proposition...

1) The owl delivers the ring flawlessly. It is very cool. I win.

2) The owl takes off with the ring. Since my sister-in-law is a deplorable brat, this is very cool. I win.

3) The owl goes batshit and attacks people. With the amount of people at the wedding, there is only a 1% chance that the attackees will be either myself or my fiance. I think you all know what happens here. I win.

Something has to make up for the fact that, due to family politics, she was required to ask me to be a bridesmaid and I was required to say yes. And that being a bridesmaid requires me to wear a...*shudder*...tiara.