Video Demonstrates What You're Really Saying When You Run Into An Ex

Is there possibly anything worse than an awkward run-in with an ex you're not quite ready to see yet? In terms of awkardness, this scenario is probably topped by the dreaded "accidentally walking in on your parents having sex" or drunkenly showing up at a police station at 2 a.m., demanding they "fetch your royal carriage!" (You guys have all done that, right?)

Brought to us by filmmaker Alison G Vingiano and directed by T.J. Misny (who worked on Broad City and the web-series "Little Horribles") this video finally gives us the reality check about awkward conversations with ex-lovers that we all probably need. No one is actually thinking "wow, it's so great to see you" when they run into the person who completely broke their heart or the person who they dumped over Gchat. "UGHHHHHHHHHHHH" is the actual exact reaction, followed by "I want to stab myself." And let's never forget how shitty and weird this whole thing is for our friends, who are still trying to pretend like they've actually taken a side in your breakup.

Enjoy the ending, which is especially painful and bittersweet for all of us who have actually ended the awkward ex run-in this way.

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I got chucked by my partner of 7 and 1/2 years four weeks ago. Suffice to say I have been taking it like a pro (endless crying, not eating, not sleeping, the usual) and my friends decided I needed to go out and have a few drinks just to get me out and socialising again. Guess who was sitting in the same pub, with another of our friends, drowning his sorrows about how he handled our break up? Worst. Night. Out. Ever.