Video: Cop Punches Teen Girl In The Face For Jaywalking

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A Seattle police officer clocked a 17-year-old girl after spotting her and her friends jaywalking. The girls were "verbally antagonistic toward the officer," things escalated...and so the punch was warranted, you know? Oh, and it was caught on video. Fun.

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Once, for a similarly minor infraction, a policeman arrested me. I freaked out, shouted, and refused to have handcuffs put on me. I even started dodging around to try and get away from him because he was being a dick, and there was no need to arrest me.

I had nothing to hide, I had done something extremely minor (not paid my ticket on the train), and did not appreciate the heavy handed way in which he was treating me. Therefore I can understand why these girls got angry and shouted, especially as (and I'm jumping to a conclusion here) they may not have the best associations with the police.

The police exist to keep order, and to work in an unbiased, unemotional fashion, evidently he could not control his emotions and he acted totally inappropriately.

It is never right for a policeman to attack an unarmed person, especially a minor, when there is no clear and present danger. These girls were angry, they shoved him yes, but they did not attack him. Any member of the police force who responds to moderate provocation with fist-fighting should reconsider their career.

As for those of you who say she should have seen it coming, shame on you.