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As long as you call them "personal massagers," that is. This ad for Trojan's Tri-Phoria "massager" has run on VH1 — but without mentioning the function for which most ladies will actually use it.


I don't envy the ad execs who had to come up with a way to praise vibrators without actually mentioning sex, clits, or orgasms. But I'm also not real impressed with the cheesy "blow your hair back" joke they settled on. Nor do I get why, as AdAge writes, ads for ladysex products are more palatable to TV networks if they also include men. Is female sexuality suddenly family-friendly as long as there's a dick involved? Do they just want to make it clear that their product isn't for gross, dangerous lesbians? Whatever the case, the bro in this ad is real excited about his bride-to-be's three new Tri-Phorias. Let's hope they don't have any pre-marital massages!


Now Safe For TV: Female Desire [AdAge]

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