VH1 Casting Plus-Sized "Party Girl" Reality Show

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Do you believe "skinny bitches need to step aside"? That "Big girls don't cry… they freakin' party!"? Oh, and you must "appear younger than 35" to be cast in a new VH1 "docu-series" on fabulously "phat" plus-sized women.

And you have to be in Los Angeles. And take it on faith that the guy who cast Jersey Shore actually wants to make something non-terrible about being "big and beautiful." And not cringe at the inevitable references to Sex And The City. Only this time, bigger and more beautifuller!

Oh, and it has to make it to series, since it appears they're only casting the pilot. Still, big girls, do you feel special yet? Because the only way to celebrate all forms is to say that one has more fun than the other.


On the other hand... it's not Bridalplasty!

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The oddest part of this casting call? This clause:

7(d): All participants must be willing and physically capable of 'smushing' on camera.