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A French baby who is absolutely already much cooler than me just by being French will get free admission to a Toulouse nightclub for life, after having had the good fortune of being born on that club’s dance floor.

People reports that the baby’s new mother was at Toulouse’s O’Club at around 5:30 a.m. on Monday when she went into labor, and since babies don’t really care how good of a Yelle (a reference that is French!) song is on when they’re ready to be born, she popped out the happy little parasite on the dance floor with the help of some rather startled club employees.


“We had to react very quickly,” Marie-Helene, the club’s manager, told French paper La Depeche. “The girl was not panicked, but worried.”

As reward for entering the world on a presumably Fernet (not French, but close)-slicked floor, the club gifted the newborn with free club admission for life, which they better make good on, because €20 covers add UP. It’s unclear whether or not the baby will get to skip the line, though certainly he’ll soon find it easy enough to crawl under the velvet rope undetected.

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