Very Chill Hero Dramatically Saves Woman And Dog From Sinking Car in Louisiana

Here is an image of me watching this guy very calmly break the window of a coupe sinking into flood waters in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, removing its occupant and then, miraculously, finding her little white dog.


I have a lot of great rings, thank you for noticing. Anyway, the man who did the rescuing, identified as David Phung, didn’t initially think he was going to be able to retrieve the dog from the swirling brown waters. The dog was very small, the current was very powerful, and I doubt he wanted to stay in there any longer than he had to.

“I can’t get the dog,” he gasped. “I think she’s gone.”

“No, she better not be,” the woman said, giving Phung no real choice but to plunge back down and try again.

“I got your dog!” he gasped again, raising a soaked (but seemingly unharmed) terrier in triumph.

The rescue was a needed bright spot in a flood that has otherwise wreaked havoc on Louisiana, killing three and stranding thousands of others. The state’s Governor John Bel Edwards said the rain was expected to subside on Sunday, but warned that water could continue to rise.


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