Vera Bradley Ditches the Diaper Bag Paisley for Sleek Leather

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Vera Bradley, the designer behind the preferred quilted paisley satchels toted around by sorority moms in the Middle West and South, has finally departed from their traditional teardrop floral design and ventured instead into solid colors, more modern shapes, and leather. I feel like how I'd imagine I'd feel if my great aunt bought a motorcycle.


Gone are the days when they could be mistaken for (or, in the case of some child-having Midwestern friends, used for) a diaper bag. The new Vera Bradley collections look more, well, cool. If someone kept bumping into me with one of these on the subway, I wouldn't insult it in my mind. If a relative gave me one for Christmas, I wouldn't put it on eBay. I'd believe a stock photo businesswoman would carry one of these to work. They're not bad looking at all.

The bags aren't exactly pocket change for most consumers; the faux leather bags cost between $108 and $138 and the real leather costs between $148 and $298. Wallets and wristlets are slightly less costly.


Still, it sounds like people are already losing their shit over them. Per Redbook, several of the faux leather designs are already sold out of the online store.

Fans of the loud paisley need not despair, either. The more traditional designs are still available, and, in fact, Vera Bradley is about to release a line of Disney-themed bags. This isn't your mom's Vera Bradley... except it kind of is.

Image via Vera Bradley

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Ginger Is A Construct

Ugh, all the girls in my Southern middle school carried these. The bags were just so ugly to me, I didn't know there were "designer." I just wondered what cult the girls were all in (especially since they all wore the heart on a chain necklaces which I now know are Tiffany's) that made them carry those fugly printed sacks. I've put their shitty bullying behind me, but I still have an allergic reaction to those things.