Venus Williams Will Not Face Charges in the Car Crash That Killed a 78-Year-Old Man

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Image via Getty.

In news that shouldn’t surprise anyone who’s been paying attention to this case, the Palm Beach Gardens Police Department announced Wednesday that they will not press any charges against Venus Williams related to the June 2017 car accident that killed 78-year-old Jerome Barson.


Though police originally said Williams was at fault for having her car in the intersection when Barson’s wife Linda drove into it, security footage released in July helped prove “Williams legally entered [the] intersection seconds before she drove into the path another car.”

Despite the findings, the Barson family still plans to continue their wrongful lawsuit against Williams.


A delightfully deranged post about NY Governor Andrew Cuomo’s holiday card was published on on Page Six last night, and I’ve gotta say I’m fully onboard with its line of questioning.

In the piece, Richard Johnson notes that Cuomo’s official holiday card has never mentioned his girlfriend of 12 years Sandra Lee, despite the fact that they’ve been together for the entirety of his incumbency. When he brought the matter up to Cuomo’s office and said eyebrows had been raised over Lee’s omission (imagine that call), Johnson claims they “took offense.”

He writes:

A Cuomo-land source pointed out that the language on the holiday cards has been consistent for the past seven years and provided copies. “Anyone raising eyebrows hasn’t been using their eyes,” the source said.


Consistency aside, it’s deeply fucked up that Cuomo doesn’t plaster Lee’s face on all his holiday cards and call her out by name in the body copy. Something like “Governor Cuomo and his loving girlfriend Sandra Lee, who is perhaps the only thing that makes him remotely tolerable as a person, wish you a safe and joyful and semi-homemade holiday season.”

[Page Six]

Artist Chuck Close apologized for sexual harassment. Sort of. In a statement to the Times, he said:

“I’ve never had a complaint in 50 years, not one. Last time I looked, discomfort was not a major offense. I never reduced anyone to tears, no one ever ran out of the place. If I embarrassed anyone or made them feel uncomfortable, I am truly sorry, I didn’t mean to. I acknowledge having a dirty mouth, but we’re all adults.”




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