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Veep's Jonah Ryan Has a Real Campaign Website and Now My Vote

If you’re at the point in the 2016 election cycle where you can no longer stomach the phoniness of Washington politics, then it’s definitely time for you to check out Veep’s Jonah Ryan. This Jolly Green Jizz Face is as real as a fictional character gets and he wants to be YOUR congressman!

If you happen to be caught up on season five of the continuously excellent (despite the exit of showrunner Armando Iannucci) HBO political comedy, you’ll know that Jonah—everyone’s favorite freakishly-shaped punching bag—is being pushed to run for congress in New Hampshire by his politically savvy uncle and (more reluctantly) President Selina’s team.


Jonah’s campaign has hit some unfortunate speed bumps—voters don’t like the way he chops wood and interacts with children. They’re also turned off by his wrong “shape” and how his head is either too small for his body or his body is too small for his head.

Thankfully, this political dark horse has found his footing—even launching a very real campaign website.

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The site—which, to be absolutely clear, is for candidate JONAH RYAN, not Jon H. Ryan—is mostly functional and packed full of Easter eggs for Veep fans.

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“Jonah ad” sounds an awful lot like Jonad...

You can also use the website to sign up to volunteer, look at photos from Jonah’s youth, and donate to his campaign. (Or at least you can try. The donation page is a little glitchy.) You can even browse through some helpful links to better get you acquainted with the great state of New Hampshire and—whether he approves or not—the music of Tom Petty.


Jonah Ryan is not the hero our congress deserves. He is the hero our congress needs. Hope to see you—and Jonah—at the Maple Sugar Industry Listening Session on December 16!

Images via Veep/HBO.

Managing Editor, Jezebel

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ad infinitum

A) I love Veep beyond the telling of it. I went back and rewatched all the earlier seasons to get ready for this season, and I couldn’t believe how many brilliant little asides I’d missed the first time around. How can you not love a show that gives you lines like, “Joke’s on you, Dan... I fucking love burritoes”?

B) I kinda sorta maybe might have started slashing Jonah and Dan in my head. I don’t know how it happened! Don’t judge me!