Varsity Blues Is Coming to the Small Screen

Screengrab via Paramount Pictures.
Screengrab via Paramount Pictures.

CMT is growing their scripted programming and also continuing the tradition of serialized remakes from the nineties with Varsity Blue: Streaming Blues (working title I just made up).

Deadline reports that the ordered script will be written by W. Peter Iliff, who wrote the 1999 film. His IMDB also credits another TV show called Varsity Blues from 2002-???, which was probably an aborted attempt at developing a show about sports for once. Iliff most famously wrote Point Break, so we can likely expect more intensely histrionic bromances from the series. Which I love.

Iliff recently worked on Beats Per Minute about ayoung American deejay’s treacherous rise to stardom in Amsterdam’s EDM scene,” which I was certain was this movie or maybe this movie but is actually a third movie about the dangers of EDM. Men in Hollywood have had some difficult experiences at Burning Man, I guess.

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Icecold Davis

It is a crying shame that Ron Lester did not live long enough to get a recurring role in this series.