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Vaping Ex-Congressman Duncan Hunter Is Going to Prison

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Some interesting news in an endless swirl of bad: Ex-California Rep. Duncan Hunter, who once famously vaped in Congress and then famously used about $250,000 worth of campaign funds to cheat on his wife, go to Hawaii, and pay for his kid’s birthday party, among other things, just got sentenced to 11 months in prison.


Hunter pleaded guilty to one count of campaign finance violation in December and resigned from Congress in January. The Associated Press reports that on Tuesday, U.S. District Court Judge Thomas J. Whelan rejected his attorney’s request for home confinement (....ha) as leniency and gave him jail time, though Whelan didn’t give him the full 14 months prosecutors wanted.

Hunter’s wife, Margaret Hunter, was part of Hunter’s plea deal, having pleaded guilty to conspiring with him to embezzle $150,000 in campaign funds. (Conveniently, Margaret Hunter was also Hunter’s campaign manager.) Hunter has asked the judge to spare his wife jail time, which was nice of him, considering he spent a hell of a lot of time sleeping with other women.


So, farewell to Hunter, who will report to an undisclosed prison on May 29, assuming we all still exist then. He probably can’t bring his vape, or his mistress[es].


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I had heard that the difference between “going to jail” and “ going to prison” was that prison was anything over a year (I think I heard it in relation to Abby Lee Miller who got a year and a day), but have never done any research to see if that holds any water.

“He probably can’t bring...his mistress[es]”

When the place you’re going is busting with options why bring your own snacks...? (I mean he’s not that hard on the eyes - in a very douchey way)