Vanderpump Rules' Lala Kent Made Her Very Own Excruciating EDM Song

If Friday nights are for wearing your least bummy Going Out top, then perhaps “Boy,” by Vanderpump Rules’ rebel-turned-recluse Lala Kent, will appeal to you. It’s the type of song that screams out in an obnoxious tone: “Let’s hit the cluhhhb!!!”

Vanderpump Rules doesn’t just employ the most dreadful servers and human beings on the planet. It also produces the worst aspiring entertainers, like James (a DJ and rapper), Scheana Marie (a singer), Tom Sandoval (also a singer), and now Lala, who searched for “Mediocre EDM Jam” and used that template. “Turn the music up/ Play it loud like dis,” she commands in a voice as mellifluous as the sound of her blaccent.


You know what makes it good, though? This bit of news:

The 26-year-old teams up with Basketball Wives L.A. diva DJ Duffey...

I should have led with that.

When all you wanna hear are pretty sounds floating in the whiskey-soaked air and your voice slurring on a hundred, “Boy” is probably fine for that. Even then, though, a million better bad songs exist.

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