Finally, those annoying KY commercials get a good mocking — and it's as absurd as it sounds.

Jacq Lesko, creator of the video parodies, spoke to HuffPo about her inspiration for the series:

I was inspired by the fact that this type of product, moist towelettes for a woman's "sweet spot", actually exists in the real world, as opposed to in the land of make-believe. I found it offensive that my "sweet spot", which I would come to understand meant "vagina," needed freshening up with scents other than my own and via a moist towelette, no less. The jokes were too good to die alone in my head. So, in response, I, along with Gretchen von Togeln, created a fake company called Lip Labs Ltd that makes Just for Her Vagi-Wipes, which are 'vaginal cleansing cloths for your vagina'.