V Magazine Gives Gabourey Sidibe "Big Love"

Get it? Because Sidibe's big. And V, um, loves her. Still, Sidibe continues her long streak of graceful, often funny interviews.


Sidibe has been resolutely sunny and confident in public appearances, refusing to cede to others' image of her, but here she admits to some early insecurity. "Growing up, there weren't a lot of actresses and singers that looked like me," she tells V's Karin Nelson. "There were no real times that I thought maybe I could do it, until Mo'Nique came along. She's a plus-sized woman who didn't care one day about being skinny. All my life I've been hearing that I'll never amount to anything until I am skinny. And she disproved everything that anyone has ever told me."

By the way, her brother calls her "a mix between Ted Danson and Chris Farley." Let's draft him in the campaign to get Sidibe cast in a comedy.

Fanning & Gabourey Sidibe in V 63 [ONTD]

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