On Wednesday morning, former University of Virginia student Dalton Baril turned himself in to authorities after being charged with rape and forcible sodomy. Baril is the grandson of late governor John N. Dalton, and his family has deep connections to the Republican party and UVA.

The Washington Post reports that the alleged attack took place on February 1, when Baril met an acquaintance at a local bar and bought her a shot of tequila. He attempted to kiss her, and she deferred, saying, “Not in public.” They left and walked towards Baril’s apartment. She told him she wouldn’t stay long, and went in to use the bathroom. When she came out, he had stripped down to his boxers:

Again the woman told him she did not intend to stay.

“Please don’t make this bad,” the woman told Baril, according to Pather.

But Baril restrained the woman and began to assault her, biting her lip and her breast, the prosecutor said. Pather said a nurse who later treated the woman found injuries to her vaginal area and bruising on her face.

Pather said that Baril sent a text message to the woman after the alleged assault, writing: “I’m sorry if I got overly excited.”

A report from the Richmond-Times Dispatch says that Baril “forcefully pushed her onto the bed” and then “restrained the alleged victim, relenting and letting her off the bed when she insisted on leaving.”

Baril has not yet entered a plea, though he was released into the custody of his family on $10,000 bond. Baril left UVA after authorities began investigating the alleged assault. His mother is a UVA alumna, and since 2001, his father has given tens of thousands of dollars to Republican campaigns. While out on bail, Baril cannot drink or do drugs, and will be electronically monitored.

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