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A group of male officials voted Wednesday to keep the good times flowin’ with their state tampon tax. Proving that tampons are indeed a luxury item only understood by the women who pay for them, the all-male panel voted 8-3 against a proposal by Representative Susan Duckworth.


“Personal hygiene is a right. We’re entitled to this,” Duckworth argued during the meeting, as reported by the AP.

Even President Obama himself said during a recent YouTube interview that he didn’t understand why tampons would be considered a luxury item, but that it was probably because “men were making the laws when those taxes were passed.”

Funny how the men who inherited these laws still don’t have any interest in changing them, apparently. Even when it could save each one of their constituents up to $30 a year in taxes alone.

As for Duckworth, her fight isn’t over.

“A lot of times it can take two, three or four years, and we have to be persistent and consistent,” she said.


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