USF Suspends Pi Kappa Phi Chapter During Investigation Into Rape of 16-Year-Old Girl

The University of South Florida in Tampa has temporarily suspended its chapter of Pi Kappa Phi after a 16-year-old girl reported that she was raped while unconscious in the fraternity’s house.


According to reports, the girl was not a student at the university but was visiting the campus and attended the fraternity party on Saturday night. Campus police said that the alleged sexual assault took place early Sunday morning and that they were alerted to the attack after it was reported by a nearby hospital. A suspect, 19-year-old Dillon LaGamma, was arrested late on Sunday afternoon. The Tampa Bay Times reports that LaGamma confirmed to the police that he had sex with the 16-year-old. He was charged with sexual battery on a child over 12 and released on bail on Monday.

In a statement issued by the national Pi Kappa Phi office, the fraternity CEO said that they had temporarily suspended USF’s chapter and instructed the fraternity to work with campus administration. The university is also investigating the fraternity for potential student conduct violations.

Pi Kappa Phi’s CEO has issued many such statements in the recent past. In early August, a rape was reported at the fraternity’s Purdue University chapter. Last year, North Carolina State University’s chapter was handed a three-year suspension after a notebook it kept filled with jokes about rape and lynching was found by restaurant workers. None of these incidents, according to the fraternity’s CEO, were in keeping with its values.



This happened at 2am, Tuesday morning: my son and one of his roommates were walking on campus, talking and listening to music, with no classes on Tuesday. Another young man ran up to them, motioning to the bushes, where they found a young woman passed out and a naked dorm mate crouched by her. Naked guy pulls up his shorts and runs, my son and his roommate take off after him. The other young man stayed with the passed out girl and called the cops; son and roommate cornered and took the intended rapist down. By the time they got his very drunk ass back to the scene, the cops were waiting, and as they left, the girl was being loaded into an ambulance and the intended rapist cuffed and into the cop car.

Yesterday afternoon, the young men were called to the station to give their statements; my son was understandably nervous, but did everything asked of him. These boys all could have kept walking. They could keep have let this fucker, who they recognized immediately, go. But they didn’t. I shudder to think of what would have happened to this young woman had they not been great kids. My son said the cops told him she was okay when he asked, and at this point, the intended rapist will be charged with indecent exposure, and probably drunk in public and underage drinking, and will most likely be tossed out of school.

This shit goes on on college campuses every damned day. My son seemed surprised when I mentioned that she may have been roofied, and that it wouldn’t be unusual. It never occurred to him that it would happen on his beautiful campus or to the sorority girl he met during frat rush. These kids are 18 and 19 years old, and doing this shit to each other, and why? How do they get to this point at such a young age?