US Appeals Court Upholds $12,000 Fine Against Sea World

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In another blow to SeaWorld, a US Appeals court upheld an OSHA ruling that found the company at fault for the death of trainer Dawn Brancheau.


The panel ruled 2-1 in affirming the $12,000 fine against the amusement park. OSHA originally set this penalty at was $75,000, and issued it for not putting up protective barriers in between Brancheau and Tilikum, an orca who caused her drowning by dragging her under water in 2010.

Tilikum has been involved in three accidents that resulted in trainer fatalities. This ruling could have a large impact in that it requires "increased separation of humans and killer whales."


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I think she died less from drowning than she did from having her arm ripped off and all the other injuries the whale caused her.