Urban Outfitters Pushes Pro-Ana Movement

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Perez Hilton may have pulled his anorexia-promoting t-shirt, but Urban Outfitters has stepped in to fill the void in customers' closets, if not their bellies, with this charming number. At least it doesn't say anything about Obama. [Urban Outfitters]




I don't understand the obsession with censoring all the material byproducts of fucked up cultural norms. Whitewashing doesn't solve any problems, pushes the issue under the rug and it becomes the elephant in the room that no one will bring up. Or they'll bring it up in whispered tones (ex. "black people"). Remember how half of American forgot that race existed for 40 years until Obama was elected? I hate this shit. If we worship thin people, pretending we don't leads to all this token-ist bullshit, and all we learn is to be politically-correct, rather than changing our actual worldviews, and then we're not discussing it at all.