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[UPDATE] Can Justin Timberlake Please Just Release His Damn Single Already

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Justin Timberlake has spent the day peppering the internet with bite-sized morsels of intel on his new single, “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” scheduled to drop Friday at midnight. It’s the first track he’s released on his own in almost three years, and the man is really milking the moment for all it’s worth.


The wind-up began on Wednesday, when Timberlake announced on Twitter that his new jam would hit the airwaves in a scant two days. After pausing briefly to revel in the groveling of his subjects, Prince Timberlake also unveiled the title.


On Thursday, he revealed a few opening bars along some rather underwhelming album art, which consists only of a lazy orange scribble and what appears to be a tuft of troll hair, which is fitting enough: The song will appear on the soundtrack of the upcoming movie Trolls. In addition to penning a handful of tracks for the film, the former teen idol will also voice one of the characters, described by DreamWorks as “a hardcore survivalist who hides his surprising true colors.” Spot on.

After a few hours of letting anticipation gather like dust on the crown of a trademark fedora, he gave fans another tiny sip of what they’re thirsting for. The below teaser features stars plucked from every corner of Hollywood, including Anna Kendrick, James Corden, Kunal Nayyar and Gwen Stefani, who is just absolutely delighted to be making a U-turn.


For chrissakes can you please just release the damn song already.

UPDATE: Holy shit you guys, it worked. I alone have the power to bend Justin Timberlake’s finely-trained ear. Hey JT! If you’re listening (and you clearly are): Please bring me a sandwich?


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I kind of dig the new one!

But can his next album PLEASE be full of regular length songs? I actually quite liked a lot of 20/20, but the fact that the songs all continued for a solid 6 minutes after they were clearly over was irritating as fuck. 3-4 minutes is as long as a song should be, JT.