R&B artist Kehlani sent out a series of furious tweets on Monday night after what appears to be a pretty intense experience on United Airlines.

In the tweets, which have since been deleted, a clearly irate Kehlani walked her followers through an incident that involved a flight attendant using the word “nigger.”


The Oakland-based singer says she and her dancers were kicked off the United flight after complaining. Kehlani also listed the names of all the flight attendants involved.

Tweets via Complex:


Kehlani deleted her Twitter account and posted a statement on Instagram (the post has since been deleted), writing: “Due to constantly being misunderstood..Having my words constantly used against me... And for the sake of my mental health... I deactivated my Twitter account. From now on I’ll just let my music speak.”

United Airlines—no stranger to blatantly racist incidents—responded on Twitter.


We also reached out to United’s press department for comment and they sent the following:

“Ms. Parrish was traveling with a group of passengers, several of whom ignored repeated crew requests to stow their bags and comply with other FAA safety regulations after the plane left the gate. After one of the passengers threatened a flight attendant, the aircraft returned to the gate. The group chose to fly on the next United flight after agreeing to comply with FAA regulations. Claims that the passengers were removed for any reason other than not following instructions are entirely inaccurate.”

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