Unidentified White Woman Could Be Charged With Attempted Robbery for Attacking Teenager Over Cell Phone

On December 26, an as yet unidentified white woman attacked a black teenage boy in a hotel lobby in New York City, screaming that he had taken her iPhone. The incident was recorded by the boy’s father, Keyon Harrold, who can be heard multiple times on the video asking this aggressive woman to stay away from his son, Keyon Harrold Jr., who was at the time standing still holding what he said several times was his own cell phone.


After initially being called to the hotel over the incident, police classified the false accusation as harassment. But according to Chief of Detectives Rodney Harrison who discussed the incident at a press briefing, if and when the woman is located she will be charged with assault after police reviewed a video that showed the woman lunging at Harrold Jr. He did not suffer any injuries according to Harrison, who said, “Our perpetrator initially started a verbal argument of this accusation and then tried to attack our teenager by grabbing for his phone, grabbing his leg and trying to tackle him.”

Harrison also said that the police are considering a charge of attempted robbery since the woman tried to take Harrold Jr.’s phone from him during her attack. Harrold claims that the woman was not even a guest at the hotel where he and his son were staying but had stayed there a few days prior to the incident.

The NYPD is investigating the situation but also believe that the woman is not a resident of New York, which requires no detective work at all because I can’t think of a single self-respecting New Yorker who would wear Birkenstocks to a hotel in SoHo in the middle of December. Furthermore, the woman is wearing what appears to be a tan cap that says “New York” on it. Real New Yorkers don’t wear “New York” hats, they either wear borough-specific hats or Yankee fitteds. There is no in-between.



Come on, there is no way the internet hasn’t already figured out who this woman is, where she works, her blood type, her favorite pizza toppings, and every time she has ever said the n-word in private Snapchats with her friends who all swear they are super woke and progressive.

Don’t let me down, web detectives. You never do.