One note told Jezebel, on the condition of anonymity: “We told her not to do it. We all warned her of the danger, but she went along with Perry anyway. And now look, she’s gone.” Another, the note’s lover and best friend, added: “Is this supposed to be inspiring to people? A note has died, and we’re just supposed to clap for the incoming administration.”


Millions of people across America similarly expressed their discontent with the way the concert was handled. On Twitter, a deluge of users tweeted at President Biden for his failure to assemble a search and rescue party, while still others remarked that he didn’t have it in his schedule to publicly address the crisis, but had more than enough time to follow Chrissy Teigen from his official account. That same source continued: “It just makes you wonder what his priorities are. He’s calling for unity but the note is dead. How are we supposed to move forward?”

As this is a breaking story, Jezebel will update this post as more information surfaces.