Undiscovered Screenwriters May Get Some Help From Disney

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Have you given up on your dreams of writing the great American screenplay because the chances of being discovered by Hollywood are about as likely as finding Jimmy Hoffa working at your local Starbucks? Well, maybe you should dust off that typewriter (HA!) and give that story about a plucky young cop with a heart of gold who discovers dinosaurs living in his backyard another go, because Disney is here to help.


Disney and The Black List have teamed up to help find undiscovered writers, with "diverse perspectives," according to The Wrap:

The Black List began nearly a decade ago as annual list of the film industry's favorite unproduced screenplays and has evolved into broader organization offering services to aspiring writers. The new partnership is designed to find undiscovered screenplays and writers and develop them via Disney.

The Black List will compile a short list of up-and-coming writers with distinctive points of view from submissions to its web site over the next two months. Only writers who have earned less than $250,000 from their screenwriting work over the previous 10 years are eligble. Disney will then invite writers from this list to join their Feature Writers Program.

The Black List has a similar partnership with Warner Bros. The Feature Writers Program with the Walt Disney Studio is a one-year residency in their live-action division.

So, head over to the Black List (screenwriter membership costs $25) and submit your draft of Cops and Robbersaurus today. Just don't forget to thank all us little people when you're accepting your Oscar for Best Screenplay next year!

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