Under The Mask, Scary Clowns Are Just Dorks In a Clown Suit

Screengrab via WKYT.
Screengrab via WKYT.

Scary clowns have been coming out of the woodwork in the last month, inspiring copycats, false alarms, and police warnings that dressing up like a clown to scare children is completely idiotic.


On Saturday, the Middlesboro Police Department arrested Kentucky man Jonathan Martin, who was discovered in a woodsy area near an apartment complex in Bell County, crouching like a moron in a black and white jumpsuit. Is this the most embarrassing you can look when being arrested while still wearing pants?


As you may have guessed, beneath his mask, Martin is a total dweeb. WKYT reporter Phil Pendleton shared his mugshot as a deterrent to all future clown prank enthusiasts: This could be you!

The Barbourville Police department, also in Kentucky, issued a warning to all adults who for some reason think bringing Spooky Pasta to life in their local communities is a good idea. In a Facebook post, they wrote in part:

Ladies and gentlemen please take note of the following as we have had several “clown complaints.”

With the current mainstream media and social media coverage of clown sightings clown pranks have created a real concern and risk.

Dressing as a clown and driving, walking or standing in public can create a dangerous situation for you and others.

This creates a risk of harm to you, of collisions near roadways and to bystanders and children who become frightened.

Please refrain from this unnecessary activity.

While dressing up is not, in and of itself against the law, doing so in public and thereby creating an unnecessary sense of alarm is illegal.


They add, “This is in no way to be considered legal advice.”

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...or John Wayne Gacy.

Seriously I wish I could like time travel to an era where people weren’t scared of clowns - the idea is completely foreign to me. Did John Wayne Gacy/Stephen King’s “It” forever ruin clowns? Serious question haha